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Ever yearned to just stroll into a magic machine and emerge a few minutes later glowing with a perfect golden tan? You can. It may sound futuristic, but something akin to magical-tanning machines, known generically as spray-tan booths, have been here for decades.

Although some consider spray tans as something like “spray-paint” tans, that’s not quite accurate. Spray-tan formulas initiate a chemical process in your skin that creates a tanned appearance. Actually, the tanning isn’t instantaneous, although many tanning-booth systems offer a simultaneous bronzing spray, so in fact you can walk out of the booth sporting an instant tanned look. The bronzing makeup will wash off in your next shower, but by then your permanent spray-tan color will have fully emerged.

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How a Spray Tan Can Make You Look Better

You know that a spray tan can make your skin look darker, but you may not realize the extent to which it can improve your looks. Thanks to the ability of skilled technicians, a spray tan can be used to make you look like you are in better shape than you really are. Tamar Vezirian of Gotham Glow explains that their popular glow is for clients who need to look and feel their…Source: http://www.healthandfitnessblog.org/how-a-spray-tan-can-make-you-look-better.html