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Getting the perfect bronze on your special day, but how?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? How about something for you?. For some brides-to-be, these are the mandatory lucky charms, but how can you get that gorgeous glow, the classic bridal look you are dreaming of when it’s not possible to achieve it from the sun? The answer? Get A Gotham Glow.

A Gotham Glow is natural airbrush tan that is the provides the perfect contrast to a white wedding gown and will make your skin glow and look healthy, and it will lend you just the touch of confidence you need. While you could surely attempt and apply a self-tan solution, it is always safer to call in a professional for your special day to guarantee the perfect finish. But even so, there are essential steps you should be taking to make sure you get the best results possible.

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Choose Spray Tanning for smooth, glowing skin

Are you looking for the most glamorous, deep tan in a safe and efficient manner? The best solution is a spray tan. Spray tanning is much safer and offers a better looking result, than exposing your beautiful skin to the sun’s harmful ray. At Gotham Glow, there is absolutely nothing that will separate you from the perfect tan. Since there are varieties of options to choose from, this is intended to guide you in making the right choice to help you bring your dreams of having a smooth, glowing skin to reality.

Spray tans also come with a lot benefits and are considered a perfect choice for people of all ages, including young and old. Listed below are some of the benefits of spray tanning.

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Spray Tanning Facts

A lot of light skin women have a strong desire towards having a darker skin color, but the only way this can be achieved naturally is by exposure to sun. With the increasing health risk of ultraviolet ray, exposure to sunlight really is not much of an option. But with technological advancement, one can have a tan without having to be under the harsh rays of the sun. This concept is otherwise known as ‘Sunless Tanning’. Sunless Tanning can be achieved through tanning lotions, gels, sun bed, mousses and the most trending of them all, Spray Tanning. Gotham Glow is the best tanning specialist offering long lasting, effective spray tanning service for those looking to enhance their looks

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What It’s Really Like To Get A Spray Tan

Everyone seems to be sporting a tan these days, many of which come from a bottle. Self-tanners have come a long way from the original ones that produced streaky orange tans you could tell were fake from a mile away. Today, you can buy lotions, creams, sprays, and mousses at a relatively cheap price and apply your own tan in the privacy of your home. The only problem is that you will quickly learn it’s never easy to apply anything to all areas of the body evenly. Although a professional spray tan costs more, it is worth the investment to get a natural-looking tan without getting your deepest, darkest color on the palms of your hands.

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Make the Perfect Impression with a Bridal Airbrush Tan

Nothing is more beautiful than a blushing bride on her wedding day. You want your day to be perfect and every detail captured in the photos you will enjoy for a lifetime. To ensure you make the impression that you have in mind, a bridal airbrush tan can give you just the right amount of color to make your skin glow. Tamar Vezirian of Gotham Glow explains that their signature, natural tan is great for brides and is available by either visiting their NYC salon or by opting for their mobile tan service. The most important thing when tanning for a wedding is to get the color that is right for the bride and which looks completely natural.

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What Determines The Best Spray Tan?

There are many places to go when you want a spray tan to give you a little boost of color but the quality differs from one salon to the next. When you are trying to make your decision, don’t let price be your guide! There are some features that set spray tans apart that will make a huge difference in the way your tan looks.

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