What Is A Mobile Spray Tan And How Does It Work?

Models and celebrities are among the growing number of people who are turning to spray tanning as an alternative to dangerous UV light exposure from the sun and tanning beds. Nothing comes closer to achieving the appearance of a natural looking tan than a spray tan applied by a skilled technician.

Benefits Of The Brilliant Airbrush Tan

Having naturally pale skin can sometimes be socially compromising. It is fashionable to have a tan. In fact, many people receive derogatory remarks for lacking a tan. This can make a person feel bad about themselves, which is unhealthy. Another thing that is unhealthy, as we have come to understand, is tanning under artificial tanning bed lights and the sun without sunscreen. Of course, minimal sunscreen is used when one is tanning because they want fast results. They also get UVB rays which are associated with skin cancer. Considering options, there is also Airbrush Tan.

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Spray Tanning Facts

A lot of light skin women have a strong desire towards having a darker skin color, but the only way this can be achieved naturally is by exposure to sun. With the increasing health risk of ultraviolet ray, exposure to sunlight really is not much of an option. But with technological advancement, one can have a tan without having to be under the harsh rays of the sun. This concept is otherwise known as ‘Sunless Tanning’. Sunless Tanning can be achieved through tanning lotions, gels, sun bed, mousses and the most trending of them all, Spray Tanning. Gotham Glow is the best tanning specialist offering long lasting, effective spray tanning service for those looking to enhance their looks

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Why You to Try Airbrush Tanning

Everyone is talking about them, and they’re everything you see on the TV – girls with beautifully bronzed bodies. Commonly, people will see celebrities and think that the look is unachievable for them, but it’s not. All you need is an airbrush tanning session to smooth out your imperfections and make your body shine.

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Airbrush Tanning: A New Look from a Tried and True Idea

There are many ways that you might go about changing up your look from changing your hair color to wearing a new style of clothing. Tanning has long been a symbol of health and beauty that can transform a person’s appearance from head to toe. Airbrush tanning is a method of applying self-tanner that is healthy and more predictable than natural sunlight or artificial lights.

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What It’s Really Like To Get A Spray Tan

Everyone seems to be sporting a tan these days, many of which come from a bottle. Self-tanners have come a long way from the original ones that produced streaky orange tans you could tell were fake from a mile away. Today, you can buy lotions, creams, sprays, and mousses at a relatively cheap price and apply your own tan in the privacy of your home. The only problem is that you will quickly learn it’s never easy to apply anything to all areas of the body evenly. Although a professional spray tan costs more, it is worth the investment to get a natural-looking tan without getting your deepest, darkest color on the palms of your hands.

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