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Top 11 Facts You Should Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Are you feeling pale, washed out, or in need of an instant beautifying pick me up? Has the phenomenon of spray tanning piqued your interest but you’re too nervous to give it a try? Here’s a number of facts for getting a best spray tan in New York, to put you at ease and ensure a gorgeous glow.

The best spray tan in New York, such as Gotham Glow, should understand your needs and your expectations. So do your research before settling for one. Visit online forums and reviews to find the most experienced service in your area…
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What Is A Mobile Spray Tan And How Does It Work?

Models and celebrities are among the growing number of people who are turning to spray tanning as an alternative to dangerous UV light exposure from the sun and tanning beds. Nothing comes closer to achieving the appearance of a natural looking tan than a spray tan applied by a skilled technician.

How a Spray Tan Can Make You Look Better

You know that a spray tan can make your skin look darker, but you may not realize the extent to which it can improve your looks. Thanks to the ability of skilled technicians, a spray tan can be used to make you look like you are in better shape than you really are. Tamar Vezirian of Gotham Glow explains that their popular glow is for clients who need to look and feel their…Source:

Sunkissed Tan For Perfectly Radiant Tans

Have you ever wondered how the supermodels and actresses or actors have perfectly radiant skin? Would you be surprised to learn that most of them choose airbrush tanning in order to look that good? There are many benefits to using airbrush tanning.