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Ever yearned to just stroll into a magic machine and emerge a few minutes later glowing with a perfect golden tan? You can. It may sound futuristic, but something akin to magical-tanning machines, known generically as spray-tan booths, have been here for decades.

Although some consider spray tans as something like “spray-paint” tans, that’s not quite accurate. Spray-tan formulas initiate a chemical process in your skin that creates a tanned appearance. Actually, the tanning isn’t instantaneous, although many tanning-booth systems offer a simultaneous bronzing spray, so in fact you can walk out of the booth sporting an instant tanned look. The bronzing makeup will wash off in your next shower, but by then your permanent spray-tan color will have fully emerged.



Top Tips For Getting a Bridal Airbrush Tan For Your Wedding

Airbrush tans are a popular and affordable way to achieve the glowing look of a sun without exposing yourself to UV light or messing around with various creams and lotions which often result in splotchy—if any—results. Airbrush tans are especially popular before certain events, such as formal dances and, of course, weddings. A bridal airbrush tan is one way to ensure that your skin looks its glowing best when you’re walking down the aisle. If you’re planning on getting a spray tan for your wedding nuptials, you should consider the following top tips for getting a bridal airbrush tan for your big day.


What Is A Mobile Spray Tan And How Does It Work?

Models and celebrities are among the growing number of people who are turning to spray tanning as an alternative to dangerous UV light exposure from the sun and tanning beds. Nothing comes closer to achieving the appearance of a natural looking tan than a spray tan applied by a skilled technician. Thanks to the versatility and convenience of a mobile spray tan, people with hectic schedules who need to get tanned before their next trip out of town, major event, or shooting schedule can get a natural looking tan almost anywhere it is convenient for them. Tamar Vezirian of Gotham Glow in New York City explained in an online interview that she had even given clients a tan in a restaurant restroom!


Spray Tanning Facts

A lot of light skin women have a strong desire towards having a darker skin color, but the only way this can be achieved naturally is by exposure to sun. With the increasing health risk of ultraviolet ray, exposure to sunlight really is not much of an option. But with technological advancement, one can have a tan without having to be under the harsh rays of the sun. This concept is otherwise known as ‘Sunless Tanning’. Sunless Tanning can be achieved through tanning lotions, gels, sun bed, mousses and the most trending of them all, Spray Tanning. Gotham Glow is the best tanning specialist offering long lasting, effective spray tanning service for those looking to enhance their looks


Make Your Mobile Spray Tan Last Longer

Make Your Mobile Spray Tan Last LongerIt is important to prepare your skin for a spray tan. It is just as important to take care of your tan after it is done, to make it last as long as possible. You can rinse it as early as 8 hours, after 12 hours it stops processing, no merit to leaving it on beyond that time and can increase the potential for ruining it. Best to get it off and never leave it on for a full 24 hours.

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