Airbrush Tanning Is Becoming A Highly Demanded Service Everywhere

Some people wait until summer time to go to the beach to get a different skin complexion. However, if what you want is to get a tan, it is very inefficient to wait until summer time. That line of thought is not logical or healthy. However, to some people, getting a skin tan is becoming a necessary thing to stay beautiful and fashionable.

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A Beginners Guide to Spray Tanning

Unless you live under a rock, you must know that being tan is what’s in these days. Though the sun provides vitamins that the body needs, too much sun exposure can cause harm to the skin including the risk of skin cancer, premature aging, and many other skin conditions. For this reason, many people prefer to utilize spray tanning to achieve their gorgeous glow. But what is spray tanning and where can you get it? How much does it cost?

So, What is Spray Tanning?

A spray tan is an artificial tanning method in which a mist is sprayed onto the body to create a sun kiss glow. This mist contains DHA which acts together with your skin to create a tanned appearance. A spray tan can last up to a week and is a safe tanning alternative. The results are very effective and many opt for a spray tan to achieve the shade they desire.



Getting the perfect bronze on your special day, but how?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? How about something for you?. For some brides-to-be, these are the mandatory lucky charms, but how can you get that gorgeous glow, the classic bridal look you are dreaming of when it’s not possible to achieve it from the sun? The answer? Get A Gotham Glow.

A Gotham Glow is natural airbrush tan that is the provides the perfect contrast to a white wedding gown and will make your skin glow and look healthy, and it will lend you just the touch of confidence you need. While you could surely attempt and apply a self-tan solution, it is always safer to call in a professional for your special day to guarantee the perfect finish. But even so, there are essential steps you should be taking to make sure you get the best results possible.

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Bridal airbrush tanning is one way a bride to be can make her day special and memorable. Having a glowing complexion and looking radiant will make these memories special and perfect, especially with the unbelievable number of photos taken at weddings these days. If you want to have the perfect airbrushed tan for your wedding, you should take a few things into consideration, as a poorly done spray tan can put a damper on the day.

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More about Spray Tanning and Things to Consider When Selecting a Spray Tan Salon

A spray tan can help you have beautifully sun-kissed skin without having to spend a lot of time applying conventional tanning products. The process involves applying a mist directly on to your skin – it contains DHA that interacts with your skin to change its tone. The whole process is quite simple yet effective, and when done properly, you may enjoy the good results for up to 3-7 days. While a spray tan is not going to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, it is quite safe for your skin. Considering the amazing results you get through this process, a spray tan is now the number one choice for most models and celebrities to change the color of their skin.

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Airbrush Tanning – Get a Safe, Healthy Tan

Now, more than ever, many of us seem too busy with our daily lives hence we don’t have time for sunbathing. Exposing yourself to the harmful UV rays of the sun is proven to be one of the causes of cancers, so it isn’t healthy. As a result, airbrush tanning is the safest and most affordable way of getting a healthy natural looking tan that can stay for no less than eight days. This way, you can get that Caribbean looking you’ve been yearning for. Airbrush tanning is effective and last longer. So if you want to enhance your looks and be the envy of your friends, then consider airbrush tanning.

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How to Get a Perfect Bridal Airbrush Tan

Considering the history many adults have had with spray-on tans, it is no wonder that so many brides are scared to get a bridal airbrush tan before their wedding day. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. The fear of getting less-than-perfect results might be the only reason you decide to forego the tanning session. You may prefer to have your makeup expertly applied in the hopes of giving you a golden glow. In spite of the orange, streaked, or bronzy tans of the past, there are better options today.

Improved Tanning Solutions and Application Methods

Today, tanning solutions are no longer formulated with the same ingredients that they were in the past. Tamar Vezirian explains that “I have formulated my special tanning solution with a number of nutrients that are good for the skin and to provide custom color from the sunkissed glow of a bridal airbrush tan to the deepest, darkest tan.”